Adult Birthdays

Celebrate a Milestone

with personalized candy bar wrappers

Create a Candy Bar Display

with matching stickers, miniature and water bottle labels

KISS Stickers

3/4" round stickers for Hershey's Kisses or your favorite candy.

Mini Bar Wrappers

Just peel and stick on Hershey's Miniatures chocolates. 

Water Bottle Lables

Make your birthday celebration standout with personalized labels.

A way to thank your guests

Getting a personalized wrapper printed for the favors and giveaways at the birthday is a great way to thank your guests and appreciate them for being a part of your celebration

Birthdays become nostalgic as soon as you are adult old enough to realize that the journey down the path of life has begun. How about personalized candy bar wrappers to celebrate your day with fun and joy?

We print milestone candy bar wrappers with quality images and wrap up the chocolates neatly. Our collection of printed wrappers includes a variety of customized labels with the unique theme-based designs, stickers, and water bottle labels to match the decor and colors of the event.

Spark up the enthusiasm!

Adding some little fun to enjoy every bit would only add an element of charm, joy, and love to your birthday party. If you are throwing  a surprise birthday party for a dear one, personalized chocolate bar wrappers, water bottle labels, stickers, and candy bar wrappers for Hershey’s chocolates are a refreshing deal that brings back the memories of the times when fun was all that meant!

Add a little fun to your growing number of years!

Express in style

Age is just a count! So do not worry about being a child! Personalized milestone candy bar favors, and décor, water bottles and candies are a way to express joy, love, care, and celebration.

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