Multiple Births

Keep Calm

with twin and triplet candy bar wrappers

Personalized Twin and Triplet Party Favors

Candy bar wrappers, KISS stickers, and water bottle labels

Twin and Triplet Baby Shower Kiss Stickers

Round Stickers

Fit Hershey's Kisses, Mini Rolo, Reeses, mints, and more.

Twin and Triplet Baby Shower Mini Wrappers

Mini Bar Wrappers

Mini candy bar stickers created to fit Hershey's Miniatures.

Twin and Triplet Baby Shower Water Bottle Labels

Water Bottle Lables

Decorate the party table with personalized water bottle labels.


Celebrating Multiple Births. Twins or triplets? Here they come!

Twins are a double the fun. Having two boys, two girls, or maybe one girl and one girls or three of each! Lucky is a couple who is going to have two or three bundles of joy at a time by giving birth to twins or triplets. Celebrating your twin's or triplet’s baby shower should be double the fun for everyone. Having triplets is rare but it still holds the likelihood of occurring.

Baby shower or gender reveal party for twins or triplets is way more exciting and full of suspense than of single birth. To have two babies at once is a great responsibility towards parents but throwing a surprise baby shower or gender reveal party gives them some courage to bear the naughtiness of their two angles.

Twins could both be baby boys or baby girls so; you have to pick party essentials accordingly. Never compromising on quality and uniqueness, Candy Bar Wrappers aims at providing you with affordable baby shower favors that never cuts-corners on quality. We work fast and aim to please and will great twin or triplet party favors that are sure to impress your guest!

Candy Bar Wrappers create candy bar wrappers and party favors personalized with quote "its twins", stickers that go on Hershey's Kisses, personalized water bottle labels, and labels for Hershey's miniatures for the baby shower or gender reveal party for multiple births. We provide you with eye-opening offers on all items that could add more happiness to your event. Hurry up and grab these exciting twin baby shower essentials.

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